Ave Maria Florida Communities

There are two types of communities at Ave Maria Florida, those that have little to no extra amenities and low fees, and those that have many extra upscale amenities that will appeal to retirees, second homeowners and others. 

The town of Ave Maria FL has great amenities available to all residents - parks, playgrounds, fitness center, tennis, dog park, etc. As such, there is no need for a community to duplicate what residents already have available to them.
The low fee communities at Ave Maria are Maple Ridge and its subdivisions (Coquina, Maple Ridge Reserve and Silverwood), Avalon Park, Emerson Park and Hampton Village. There are two communities with upscale amenities - Del Webb of Naples and the National Golf & Country Club at Ave Maria.

The Residences at La Piazza have higher fees as they are a condo association. Fees at La Piazza are for building maintenance, insurance, management, reserves, etc.

Ave Maria Florida Site Plan

There are visible differences between the low fee and high fee communities. The image shown here highlights a difference between Maple Ridge and the National G&CC single family homes. At the National, nearly every home has a pool, a preference of second homeowners and retirees. While at Maple Ridge, most homes do not have pools. 

Owners at Maple Ridge and other low fee communities at Ave Maria choose those communities based on affordability for the type of home they need. This does not exclude second home or retirees from those communities, as some would also have similar priorities.

Maple Ridge (and subdivisions) and Emerson Park have the lowest fees. The fees in these communities are mostly for the cost of providing cable and internet service, at a low negotiated rate. 

Avalon Park and Hampton Village fees are slightly higher, as their fees, while not including cable, does include lawn maintenance for each home. 

National Golf and Country Club and Del Web fees are much higher because of the upscale amenities they provide to owners. Fees in these two communities are similar depending on whether golf course membership is included.
Homes with Pools vs Homes without

Ave Maria FL Active Builders

There are only four builders at Ave Maria offering new homes, CC Homes has Maples Ridge (and its Silverwood subdivision), Del Webb has Del Webb of  Naples, Pulte Homes has Avalon Park, and Lennar has the National Golf & Country Club at Ave Maria. Pulte Corp. owns both Del Web and Pulte Homes.

Del Webb and Pulte were part of the original group of builders that started building in 2005. CC Homes had planned to start their Maple Ridge community in 2008, but because of the housing bubble collapse at that time, they wisely decided to wait for the recovery.

Lennar began building the National Golf and Country Club at Ave Maria in 2020, after purchasing the property that was originally planned to be part of Pulte/Divosta's Bellera Walk. 

Del Webb is a 55 plus deed restricted community. It targets second home buyers or retirees looking for a newer community with amenities for their type of lifestyle. While not 55+ deed restricted, the National Golf and Country Club (Lennar), is targeting a similar buyer. The National has condos that are more affordable than other housing at Ave Maria, but the higher fees that come with a golf community make them more expensive over the long run. These condos could be a great choice for a buyer interested in the most affordable golf option in the Naples area.

Same Summer Trash Collection Day - Four Different Neighborhoods

Another indicator of a community with a high number of second homeowners is the number of vacant homes in the summer months, as can be seen by what homes have trash to be collected.
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