The National GCC Organization / Fee Structure

The organization structure of The National can be complex, epically to those who have never owned within a Home Owners Association (HOA) or a condo association.

  • All owners are members of the National Golf and Country Club at Ave Maria, Florida. This association is referred to as the Property Owners Association or POA. This type of association is commonly referred to as the Master Association in other similar communities. The POA is responsible for Clubhouse, food and beverage operations, all amenities except for the golf club, the boulevards, guest parking areas, rule enforcement and gates. The cost of these operations is shared equally among all homeowners at the National. Additionally, the POA is responsible for landscape maintenance for the single family homes, which cost is billed separately to single family homeowners, based on lots size.
  • The majority of owners at the National are also members of the National at Ave Maria¬†Golf Club. This association is responsible for all golf club and golf course operations. The costs to operate is billed equally to all golf club members. The National Golf Club is essentially a recreation association. No different than the tens of thousands of golf clubs in the US.¬†
  • There are over a dozen separate condo associations at the National. They include Terrace I, Terrace II, etc., Veranda I, Veranda II, etc. and Coach Home I, Coach Home II, etc. Each of these associations have there own separate governing Boards and separate budgets, which determines the quarterly condo fee they pay. The condo association are responsible for the condo buildings, landscape maintenance of the condo owned grounds and association rule enforcement.
As discussed above, the single-family homes do not have a separate HOA. Those duties and functions are handled by the POA, which bills the single family homeowners separately for those services, of which the biggest expense is for lawn maintenance. 

All owners at the National are also members of the Ave Maria Town Assoc., and pay the same $209 Quartey fee (Year 2024). This fee is for the cost of running the Town's parks, fitness center and scheduled activities. 

Lastly there is a Community Development District (CDD). The Ave Maria Stewardship Community District funded the cost of building the infrastructure for the Town and also for the National G&CC. It assesses each home a fee that shows up on the homeowner's property tax bill. The fee varies by type and size of the home.

The National G&CC Governance Structure

Copies of the Governing Documents
National Golf and Country Club (POA)
  • All owners are members
  • Clubhouse and non-golf amenities
  • Gates, boulevards, guest parking areas
  • Cable / Internet
  • Rules and Regulation enforcement
  • SF Homes governance
  • Sf Home landscaping (billed to SF owners)
  • Quartey POA fee
National Golf Club (Recreation Association)
  • Only bundled golf owners are members
  • Responsible for golf club and course operations
  • Fees billed quarterly based on annual budgets
  • Governing board is separate from the POA
Condo Associations
  • Terrace, Veranda and Coach Home Associations
  • Maintains condo buildings and grounds
  • Each association has separate governing boards
  • Condo rule enforcement
  • Fees billed quarterly based on annual budgets
Ave Maria Master Association
  • All owners pay a quarterly fee
  • A recreation association for Ave Maria
  • Manages and maintains the parks and fitness center
  • Schedules town activities and events
  • Weekly newsletter to all town owners
Ave Maria Stewardship District (CDD)
  • All owners pay a fee through their property tax bill
  • Special taxing district
  • Funded the town and the National's infrastructure
  • Fee is for maintenance and debt retirement
National Fee Example
Every condo association at the National will have different condo fees. Single family homes will have different landscape fees based on the size of the lot. Property taxes and CDD will vary based on home type and value. All homes pay the same POA, Golf Club (golf homes only) and Ave Maria Town Fee.

The following is an example how fees and taxes vary by home type at the National
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