The National GCC Golf Carts

Ave Maria is a golf cart friendly town, with paths for golf carts along the town's four lane boulevards.

The term “golf cart” is a motor vehicle designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course or recreational purposes and is not capable of exceeding speeds of twenty (20) miles per hour. 

Additionally, the Ave Maria Master association has designated that only electric carts can use the path system.

National Rules

  • Licensed street ready gas carts are allowed at the National
  • All carts must be registered with the club, electric golf carts must also be register with the Ave Maria association.
  • Carts are allowed on the community's streets, but not on pedestrian walkways.
  • Carts must be stored in garages and are not allowed to be parked overnight in driveways or in guest parking areas.
  • Golf cart charging is the responsibility of the owner. There are no community charging stations.

Town Cart Restrictions

Operating golf carts on paths and the town's public right-of-ways has inherent risks.

  • Drivers of golf carts must be at least 15 years of age and either have a driving permit or license. No driver under 15 years of age is permitted to drive a golf cart under any circumstance, including when with a licensed driver. 
  • Owners are to carry insurance insuring against personal injury and damage to property, with limits of at least $300,000. Other forms of insurance are strongly encouraged.
  • Golf carts must be registered with the Ave Maria Master Association
Golf Cart Rules Change
Before purchasing a golf cart, be sure to check the current rules with both the Ave Maria and the National GCC associations.
Ave Maria Golf Cart Map
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