The National GCC Tee Times

Tee Time Reservations

With bundled golf communities, such as the National GCC, there are more members in residence during the season (Jan. to mid April) then available tee times. As such, all bundled golf clubs rely on a system to allocate tee times to its members. The National Golf Club has not announced the details of their tee time allocation system, but it commonly works along these lines:

  • Members can make a tee time request up to a few days prior to the date they would like to play. The request will include their preferred time, and the earliest and latest acceptable time for that day.
  • Each time a member is awarded a tee time they get a point (playing history). If a member makes a tee time with a guest (non-member), then that member also receives a point for each guest. The playing point history is a rolling 14 day total. If a tee time is requested for the 24th of the month, then it would include all playing points received from the 9th to 23rd.

  • Tee times are prioritized based on the average number of playing points of the group (foursome total playing points divided by 4, threesome by 3, etc.).

  • Tee times first go to the groups with the lowest number of average playing points.

Generally, bundled golf members will be limited to playing three times a week during the peak playing season, if they have no guests. 

For example, say a foursome's playing points totals 20, their average would be 5. If requesting a tee time for 9 am, and if 5 playing points is the lowest compared to other groups requesting 9 am, they will be placed at 9am. Other groups with higher points will be awarded the closest available placement to 9 am available, within that group's requested time range.

If a member requests a tee time with three guests, the playing points used for that request it that member's total playing points. If the member has 5 playing points, that is number assigned to the request.

Basically, a group with no, or low playing point averages will get very closes to their requested tee time. A group with a very high average point total may not be awarded a tee time that day. Members receive a playing point when awarded a tee time, not when they play.


All bundled golf clubs implement "crossover" during peak months, to maximize tee time availability. With crossover, players have starting tee times either on the first or tenth hole, and then crossover to the other nine. Those starting on the 10th hole will finish their round on the 9th hole.

Crossover tee times are in blocks. For example 7:30 to 9:15, 11:45 to 1:30, etc. If the group teeing off at 7:30 on the first hole plays too quickly, they will need to wait for the final group of golfers starting on the 10th hole.

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