Ave Maria Land Aquistion

In July 2023 the town of Ave Maria FL grew from 5,027 acres to 5,928 acres. With the largest addition being a 520-acre sod farm at the SE corner of the town. (See preliminary sod farm development plans below.)

The land acquisition was mostly to expand residential areas to be developed, but also an increase in parks and commercial use areas.

Farmlands adjacent to the SE, NE and NW areas of the town were added. Acres that were originally designated for University purposes were converted to residential. In exchange for the re-purposed property, land was added to the NW section of the town for the University (golf course).

The 2023 land acquisition increased the town size in terms of total area, but did not increase the number of homes to be built. Rather, it changed the mix of homes to be built with fewer multi-family homes, to more single-family homes. 
Ave Maria Fl land acquisition map

Tour of Ave Maria’s Added Lands

Ave Maria New Home Site Plans

Conceptual plans only, for the development of the of the 520 acre sod farm added in 2023.
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